The popcorn pushers quote of whenever i update:

Experience is the sinking feeling that you've made this mistake before.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Epicness

Epicness is now a word because it is the only way I can describe Avatar. It is seriously 10x better than all of the Lord of the Rings Extend Editions put together. I'm still reeling from the whole experience, so I don't think I can do it true justice but I'll try my best:

While the story is a very well used one, James Cameron twists it in such a way that it is truly spectacular. The depth he created sucked me in from the beginning and I didn't want to leave and was sad when it ended.

The characters, both real and CG, were brilliant. When the second lord of the rings came out, I was ecstatic with how they were able to bring a CG character to life in such a real way that you felt he was another actor (Gollum). Avatar was a whole 'nother level. Every movement of their face and body, the way they moved, and the way they interacted with other characters was incredible. While my mind knew it was all CG, my heart truly fell in love with the realism that was within.

I truly can't do the movie justice with my little words, you have to see it for yourself. In order to truly understand the "epicness" of what James Cameron has created, you have to see it and while the 3D is more expensive it is truly worth every penny.

Just be warned it is 3 hours long, so if you do get popcorn and drinks eat/drink them sparingly. You do not want to miss a minute of it. Also younger children may be frightened at some scenes and there is some language, so it is up to you.

My final rating is 10 out of 5 stars.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'd kiss a frog....

but only if he had a great European accent. ^.^

I took the siblings to Princess and the Frog this morning. Mads had been bugging me for the past week to take her and I finally found a chance. I also felt that I owed it to both her and Boo cause I didn't take them to Astro Boy.

It was a very refreshing experience. Lately movies have been all about the latest CG so it was nice to see and old school animated movie. It was a very sweet story, but with a predictable Disney ending. There was a lot of singing and quiet a few funny moments. The only scary parts were with the Shadowman and the evil spirits he used to do his bidding. (It's comparable to the scene in Lion King when Scar is relaying his plan to the hyenas.)

Now I've just got to see Avatar and I'll be good till next week after Sherlock Holmes comes out.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let me rephrase that....

in my last post i said i was worried i about the money. My loving parents took that as meaning "i'm not going to get what i want for christmas because i think we are poor."

that's not at all what i meant. I was worried in general for the whole family not just me, and it was more about the full money situation, not just christmas.

i'm sorry for any confusion this may have caused...

(p.s. grandma, i though about my gift but i could only think of one thing. I wouldn't mind getting a "how to speak japanese" book, doesn't matter what kind.)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

That time of year....

when you watch the thermometer steadily reach zero...

when you go for a drive just to see the lights...

And when people ask you every day: "What do you want for Christmas?"


Anyway, that's basically all it is right now. I've made a list, but with the recent car trouble (see the "my family" link) I don't know what my parents can really afford, (even though most everything on my list is under $50, except for a computer program i want) so i'm kinda stuck at a dead end...

I still have to buy for my family. I've managed to get my siblings done, but now comes the parents who won't tell me what they want. Also i have to get a present for one of my Uncles and his family as per the family gift exchange, (since i am now on the adult list) and i don't know what to do there.

*bigger sigh*

one of the only good things about the holiday lately is that i can't spend any money myself, for fear of getting two of something...

And i get to spend time with my family ^.^

(P.S. Grandma I really don't know what I want, but I'll try and think of something here real quick)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just something I thought I would post as I wait for my lunch to finish...

Ever had one of those dreams where after you wake up you go "Where the heck did that come from?"
Today I woke up around 6 because my bladder said I had to. After that I went back to sleep and the weirdest dream started:

I was based in a house/canyon, the reason for that I do not know but I had a canyon on one side and a family room down below. Most of the dream took place on a set of stairs though, and my mom was in the dream for a few moments as was my dad. The strangest person in my dream was Tony Stark (Iron Man), but not Robert Downy Jr. the old cartoon one.

For some reason I was this super powered, fast healing, kick-butt fighter (not that I'm complaining) who had to stop two T.Rex's from getting to my family. I basically flung them to my right with my kick butt moves (this is where the canyon comes in) and they fell down a never ending revene mainly because i knew they could instantly heal themselves so that was the only option to keep my family safe.

Next came the mother of all dinosaurs and he could do everything i could, talking included. Not that he said much cause i kept hitting him, but Iron Man was suppose to help me and then he disappears. So here I am fighting a huge T.Rex without any help for 5 hours straight (i was told five hours cause my mom said I had to find lunch on my own). Finally both me and the Dino agreed to take a 1 hour break before we continued our fight to the death, so he fell asleep and i woke up Tony who then promptly left to go find his gloves. So now I am done fighting (for now) and what do I do?

I wake up.

It was now almost 11. I didn't hear my phone go off (I later found it on my bed in the spot where i had been sleeping after i knew i put it on my nightstand) and I woke up completely without the whole dragging feeling you get when you first wake up.

The strangest thing is that I could have sworn I had this dream yesterday...

I promise I'm alive!!

I swear I wasn't accidentally choked or anything like that, I've just been really busy...

The craziness started with New Moon and has basically ended with it as well. The Thursday before it came out I was scheduled to work the midnight, so right after school I rushed to work so that I wasn't late (they already had to push my clock-in time an hour later anyway because of school). We did well over 2000 people for that night alone, but it was somewhat controlled so it wasn't that bad. Friday was a little slow until school got out so I wasn't too busy, and Saturday I was in the back concession so it didn't matter anyway (though we did get out of the back an hour late).

I would have to say that the biggest surprise was how well The Blind Side did. We kept selling out for that one, but I've heard it's really good so not too surprising. I can't wait to see that one ^.^

After the start of the craziness I got a chance to see New Moon, so I went with my mom and sister. Now I haven't read the book at all (I've only read the first one), but I knew the basics from listening to my sister and my mom. I thought that the movie wasn't that bad, some things were much better than the first one. The makeup was definitely better, as were the special effects. The Wolf pack were very good looking (both the actors and the CG wolves), Jacob especially.
My only real complaint is how slow the beginning is, mainly because of Bella's little depression stage. After that though it gets good all because of Jacob.

Thanksgiving was great. I was able to eat and spend time with family before I went to work. I signed up for box, which was okay. I ended up with JH being in the same box which made me feel a little awkward, mainly because I think he likes me and I only see him as a friend from work. Lucky for me he left early so I didn't actually have to close with him.

Black Friday was the worst. After all the sales were done we were swamped so bad you couldn't find room to breathe. Surprisingly though Saturday wasn't that bad. We didn't have a 7 o'clock rush (it was more of an 8:30 rush) but I didn't get to go on break till 9 and I was the last one. We also had a bit of a rush later while we were trying to pre-close. Re did lose her patience with us once because we kept running out of stuff and she had to make multiple trips to the stock room. I finally had to take her keys from her and make the last trip myself up the stairs (which I am suppose to be avoiding) just to get her to stop complaining.

I think my best shift was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. TV had a bunch of stuff he needed to do, so he pulled me out of the stand (I was looking really bored he said) and had me stay at podium tearing tickets. That was even more boring, but it got me out of the odd jobs Jo was handing out at the time. When JH got there at 1 I was able to leave after I stocked my station in the stand (I sold a grand total of 8 things).

My worst was Monday after the holidays. I was the only concessionist, which is how it always is but at least we had an opening usher this time. My GM was leaving for vacation the next day and wanted things cleaned spotless so she didn't have to worry about it. Normally I don't mind cleaning because it gives me something to do, but I was trying to do multiple things at once and it made it so that cleaning was on the back burner. When 4 o'clock rolled around we got another concessionist, so I was hoping I could go home cause KW was coming in at 5 and she cleans a lot better than I do. When I finally found Re to ask her if I could stock she said to clean some more. It made me a little mad, because we didn't need 2 people in the stand when another was coming in less than an hour. I grumbled for a bit, but did go back to cleaning and when KW got there I thought I could go now. The problem was that Re had disappeared. It was finally Ni who said I could leave almost an hour after I was scheduled to get off.

Now that it's December I've got a lot of things to look forward to:

The last day of my last class for the semester is on Thursday and I have no Finals to worry about.
We got our passes back about a week after they were taken away, so now that I have time I can go watch movies again.
Avatar comes out in a few weeks and I am definitely going to go see it.
My dad wants to take us to see The Blind Side soon, so that'll be good.
Bee wants me to take her to The Princess and the Frog cause I didn't take her to Astroboy.
I've worked my schedule so I can have Christmas off, but I have to work Christmas Eve, New Years eve, and New Years day.
I am now on the adult Christmas list in my dad's family, but I have to give to an Uncle and I don't know what his family likes...
Hopefully my next couple paychecks will be big enough that I can pay my tuition payment and buy Christmas.
Boo got tickets to go to the Olympic oval and ice skate so that'll definitely be fun.

Now I just have to see how the Christmas holidays go... Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can't say much cause I haven't done much...

October seemed to be the stressful month, what with Anime Banzai and my last tuition payment all within a week of each other. After all that though, everything is kinda quite....

My job is the same for the most part. One of the managers says that I may be getting more box office shifts because of all the new concession people. Alas, in light of this wonderful news came a tragedy... the whole staff has had our passes taken away. Now we can't go watch movies for free until the issue that caused all this is fixed, and with 8 new people that could take a while.

I was lucky though and took my cousins Harry and Chili along with my brother to Astroboy before the passes were swiped. G-bear and Chili i know liked it, but Harry i'm not so sure. Whenever i would ask him what he thought he would just say "it was okay", so i'm kinda unsure here. Amongst all this I have two dear sisters who are mad at me cause i didn't take them to Astro, so now i have to make it up to them somehow...

Astroboy was surprisingly pretty good. They really tried to keep the original style, though from what i've heard the actual story is very different than the movie one. The beginning was kinda dodgy, but the rest makes up for it. They had a lot of great voice talent, but i think that Nicholas Cage was a bad choice for such an important role as Dr. Tenma, the creator of Astro. His voice doesn't really change pitch at all, so you can never really tell if he loves Astro cause he used the same voice to say that he is angry at him. (I don't like NC as an actor anyway, the only good things he's done is National Treasure and Gone in 60 Seconds) Regardless, the movie is a great family movie for all ages with a warm hearted storyline... once you get past the beginning.

Halloween I had to work, but I was in box so I decided to dress up. I went simply as an elf, probably one that lives in Rivendale. I was interesting being in box, luckily we weren't crazy busy and the night went by fast. However, i've now found out how much more you get yelled at in box, mostly about our policy pertaining to R rated movies. I can't issue a ticket until i see an i.d. (unless i can easily tell you are over the age limit), and if you are under 16 you have to have YOUR parent with you, not someone else's. So simple and yet people don't seem to get it and i get yelled at. Oh well....

Now that it's November I feel like everything is going to go by too fast, but i've also got a lot to do as well, so that's not gonna help. I have to finish up school stuff and register for spring and i have to apply for a grant for next fall. I'm praying that Grandma will be willing to have Thanksgiving Dinner early again, that way i can still enjoy it and work later on. That gives me a better chance to have Christmas Day off, especially since i'm willing to work Christmas Eve and New Years Eve as well. I just have to make sure i get in there when they put up the "pick your own shift" schedule up as fast as possible.

I guess i'll just have to take this one day at a time...

Friday, October 23, 2009


Well I think I have recovered from my first anime convention. It was everything I was expecting it to be and more. The whole time I felt like a complete geek and I loved it! By Monday my voice was very sore for work from all the screaming I did the whole weekend. I was very excited to have my friend stay over, it was nice to catch up even though I felt like I talked way too much.
We've already got plans for next year. lucky for us it's going to be about 15-20 mins away instead of 45 mins. so we can easily drive there and it has a lot of places to eat instead of just a couple. We've all decided that we are going to dress up as characters from Final Fantasy 7 with me being Tifa.
Now while i tried to take pictures and videos it didn't turn out so well... in order to take video I had to hold my hand way above my head in order to get a clear picture and so it shakes really bad. The sound is horrible and the picture is very fuzzy. Also some were cut off because I ran out of memory space, so that sucked.
So the only thing that I can leave you is this video i saw while i was at the con. It won "Best in Show" in the anime music video contest and I fell in love with it.

(I don't own it >.>)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stress, School, and Stupid

My work here is totally not done...

I'm stressed about the convention my sister and I are going to.
I'm worried that she won't have a way to get there because I'll be heading there before her.
I'm worried that I will mess everything up with my friend who I haven't seen in forever.
I'm worried that I won't have enough money at the end of this thing to pay for school.
I feel bad because I didn't get my head in the game soon enough so I couldn't buy the costumes that I promised my sister.
I have to take a test for one of my classes before tonight or I'm screwed.
I don't know if i'm ready for the test anyway.
Right after school gets out I have to head to work to do a midnight so my co-worker who has school the next day doesn't have to.
I have to get up early the next morning so I can meet up with my friends to ride the train.
I have to write a Process essay by Tuesday inbetween going to the con and work monday.
I'm working basically the whole week except for the days I have school.
And I don't get paid till almost 2 weeks after the con which doesn't help because I'm missing a full weekend anyway so it won't be as much.

*deep breath*

Okay enough of that.

Here is what I do know:

I am really excited to go to this con, we've been planning it for months.
Either I'll come back and get my sister or she'll ride with her friends.
Not only am I meeting with my friend but she is sleeping over as well.
Using my l33t accounting skills I've hopefully worked everything out so I will still have money for my tuition payment and gas for the car.
We've decided to save our money and next year we are dressing up and we want to stay at the hotel where the con is too.
I'm only working 4 hours at most and I have a feeling this midnight will be a bust anyway so no big deal.
I don't have another tuition payment for the rest of the year after this one so whatever money i get from this next paycheck will go to building my account back up.
Work is work and since we hired 8 new people i can use all the work i can get.
I might even get to train a newbie on a till.
The essay is going to be "How to Survive an Anime Convention" so it all works out.
I should do okay on the test because I've learned about europe over and over again.

speak of tests... i should go take that test now.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The first days....

The first days I'm not sure yet...

My English teacher reminds me somewhat of my English teacher i had my senior year. (whom i also was a TA for and was in her creative writing classes) She seems to like to focus more on the creative aspect of English more so than the technical. Her first assignment is a narrative that we have to write, either based on our own life or something we make up. I love the assignment, but i don't like the length.... it can only be 3 pages at most!! I need way more than to feel good about what i write.

My Sociology teacher (the correct name for the class is "People and Places of the Earth" but for sanity sake I'm gonna call it sociology) is a very interesting man. He's done a lot and has been to a lot of places in the world. he's been a teacher for 30 something years and has worked with National Geographic coming up with lesson plans for teachers, the Olympics committee when we wanted them in Utah, and a teacher exchange program (i think) in japan. He's got some unique ideas and likes to involve everyone and make us laugh.

Both classes are going to have their ups and downs, that much is certain. However, I'm so far willing to see where these teachers take me.....

P.S. Our narrative stories aren't technically due until a few weeks from now, but if anyone is interested in reading it when I'm done let me know and I'll find a way to get it to you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i've got a lot of catching up to do.....

The past couple of weeks have been very enlightening and i've learned quite a few things...(hang on this is gonna be a lengthy one)

1. The amusement park can be fun even if you don't get to ride all the big rides.

We didn't get there till after 11 and even then we had to wait for people to show up cause we had their tickets. My dad gave our extra tickets to my Aunt Steph and her son. They also brought two of my cousins with them cause their brother works for the park. After lunch I tried to hang out with them to ride some of the bigger rides, but i felt too much like a fifth wheel so i ended up leaving them and catching up with my dad. When i finally found him my Aunt Meemer and her family had shown up so i hung around with them.
I had more fun with it being like that cause i could hang around without feeling pressured to ride some of the rides i don't like. My Aunt did take me on the Colossus and afterward we both felt like we blacked out which made me sad cause i use to ride it two or three times in a row. Afterwards I watched the stroller while Big D and D took all the other kids on the rides they wanted and Meemer took Fussy on Pete's Dragon (that was hillarious).
Staying and watching Fussy ride everything was priceless. You couldn't tell if he liked it or not until you tried to get him off of it and he would want to ride it again. As it got later i rode the white coaster with both my dad and meemer, the samurai with big d (really fun in the dark), jetstar with harry, and the spider with d and big d and harry. I think my favorite moment though was when Fussy wanted me so that i could take him to the spaceship ride again. (Mental note: Never ride the tidal wave more than once... not a good idea....)

2. How much of a mountain girl I really am.

I could go on for lengths about how awesome Big D and Meemer are. They had asked us to come up to spend some time with them at their condo in the beautiful mountains. I really miss the mountains... I mean i can still see them, but it isn't the same as being right there in front of them. I'm not much of an outdoorsy person, but i still love them.
It was fun playing games till late at night and getting scolded by harry cause we had stayed up till "24 minutes after monday morning" and that we should get to bed. the swimming pool was fun, but the hot tub is a lot better especially for me. The food was good and there were plenty of sugary treats (that actually was probably a bad thing ^^;), lots of movies to watch even though many of them were kinda silly ("It wasn't me!!"), and plenty of family moments to go around.
I will admit i did have somewhat of a meltdown, but only because i felt like i was being slightly picked on. That was easily fixed with a round of hoops and a disaterious game of Horse with my dad. We ended up staying till Wednsday, so we kinda had to rush me home so i could get to work on time.

3. Closing Box has its moments.

Closing is so easy. You just make sure that things are picked up and that the trash is taken out. It's the rush before that is hard, especially when you are by yourself and the concession stand is also getting swamped so the manager has to be there too. Funny though how a lot of the customers seemed to be more sympathetic towards me and the fact i was by myself.
Waiting for the concessionist is hard. I've gotten most of the list done and they are still very slow. I didn't get out of there till midnight and i had finished mostly everything by myself. I'm still not sure which i like better though...

4. Getting short-shifted sucks.

It's not just the fact that i'm not getting as many shifts, it's the fact that when i do get shifts I get called and told not to come in cause they don't need me. I'm basically down to 2 shifts a week and i need more than that if i'm gonna buy books and clothes for school. It doesn't really affect my tuition unless my paycheck goes under $100 dollars, then i'm in trouble. So far it hasn't been that bad, and hopefully it get's better cause i really don't want to look for another job....

Well that's about it for now my computer is about to die. I'll talk more about school once i start my other class so until then, adeiu! ^.^

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Standby in 3... 2... 1...

I am sitting here writing this at 12:30 at night after spending a day at our local amusement park.... and now i'm too tired to fully comprehend what i'm writing so i think it would be safer if i wait and update you when i can actually read stuff without feeling like my head and stomach are missing...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

"I like your Cloud pin."

Me: "Huh?"
Girl: "I like your Cloud pin."
Me: "It's not Cloud, it's Bleach."
Girl: "Huh?"
Me: "It's Ichigo from Bleach."
Girl: "Oh I'm sorry, I thought it was Cloud."
Me: "It's okay, it happens."
Dude next to Girl: "You do know who Cloud is though, right?"
Me: *laughing* "Yeah, of course. "

Just a little highlight from my first official night training in box...

Oh by the way this is Cloud....
He's from Final Fantasy 7.

And this is Ichigo...

He is from Bleach.
I honestly don't know how you could mix them up.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

anyone know a good hypnotist?

i think i'm going to need one with how scared and freaked out i am over starting college....

I have officially registered for my classes and have found a way to pay for it myself. It will drain my savings, but I think I would rather have it this way than owing someone else money. I have an english class and a class for social science (People and places of the world). Next semester I need a math class, but I am required to take an accuplacer test because my ACT score wasn't very high. I also hope to take a film class next semester as well.

Orientation was yesterday, which wasn't bad. The campus isn't that big, so I shouldn't get lost. I will have my first ever class in a portable, something I have avoided since jr. high and am very proud of, until now.

I think the only thing that is worring me is the social science class. I only know a little bit of what it is about, so i'm scared that I will have bitten off more than I can chew.

Like I said..... anyone know a good hypnotist?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Levi-O-sa, not Leviosa...

On multiple occasions I have been astounded by the masses. When Twilight came out we had multiple midnight showing and a lot of people tried to dress up. Transformers was almost the same deal, just no dressing up.
Harry Potter was more like Twilight. Many people dressed up, waited in line for 4 hours at the most, and many decided that the movie was worth a trip to the concession stand...

We did much preparation before hand so that saved us a lot of trouble, but I still felt flustered every time I heard something running out, or when everyone was coming to our ice bin cause the other 2 had run out, add the fact that from 10 on we never shut off the poppers made it quite the experience. By the end of it all though we did what we could and stayed happy.

There had been talk amongst my friend of going in and seeing the movie on Wednesday night. I said that i would be interested in going, even though i have not seen the fifth movie nor have I read the 6th book. The movie wasn't sold out so I was allowed to use my employee passes which worked out pretty well with how many people we had in our group. It was all just people I know from work which was really nice.

I will admit now, I am a Dork with a capital D. I dressed up for the movie. I was the only one in the entire theatre who dressed up for that day. I went as a dementor, so it wasn't a major costume or anything (though I realized I could have said I was a death eater too) but I still felt like a dork. However, one of my friends at work said that if he hadn't worked that day or knew that I was dressing up he would have too.
We made a plan though. Next time he sees it if I'm not working we will both dress up together and see it again.

Having not read the book, I can't really nit-pick at the movie. I still really liked it though and thought that they did a pretty good job with whatever material they decided to use out of the book. My only complaint was that they seemed to rush the story along a little faster than I would have liked.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars. This is one you could even take kids to.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stay Tuned...

I'm working the Harry Potter midnight tonight. I'm going to lose my mind a few times, and hopefully by the end I will still have it. If I don't I'll probably blame Doby for stealing it.

Hold on to your wands, this could get ugly...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A wonderful Midnight time

Tuesday was an exciting day. A week ago I had bought tickets for the midnight of Transformers and I couldn't wait to see it. I had gotten a ticket for Kels, her friend, my friend, and myself of course. At first I had tickets for the 12:01, but when i got our wristbands that we would need to go in we ended up being number 270 something. One of my friends at work came back and asked if i wanted to switch to the 12:05 which was in the second biggest theatre, but we would be farther up in line. I agreed to it and we became numbers 75 - 78 which wasn't bad.

I left work and headed home to wait for the evening to arrive. At 10 o'clock we left to go pick up our friends and head to the theatre. It was packed with people and we had a hard time getting to our spot in line, but the lines at the concession stand were very short so we went ahead and grabbed our popcorn and drinks, and then we waited.

At 11:15 they let us into the theatre, so at least we got to sit while we waited for the movie to start.....

I honestly thought it was awesome. I loved the action, the characters, and the plot. It's a different experience when you watch a midnight, you have more of the audiences reactions to scenes and characters. I really liked it, and i think Kels enjoyed her first midnight as well.

Of course when i got on the computer this morning i see an article giving the movie zero stars. When i first read it, i was angry because i loved the movie a lot and it was ruining it for me. However, as i started writing this i realized that the dude who wrote the article had some good points. Don't let this discourage you though, it's still good.

I give it 3 1\2 - 4 stars (out of 5). I would have adults see it first before you take younger kids because there is some swearing and minor sexual references. If you feel your kids can handle it then go ahead and take them, cause they might love it.

Oh, they also showed the new trailer for the second twilight movie and, i will admit it, i screamed when i saw a sexy Jacob. The four of us were the only ones screaming in the begining, but many other girls followed suit when the trailer ended.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birthday Dreams and Closing Nightmares

Well Friday was my birthday, and now i'm officially one step closer to losing my "teen" status. It wasn't a big deal or anything, which i kinda liked. I took the day off and just hung around the house for the day. When my mom got home we went out to dinner, and since my little sister hadn't really had a birthday dinner I let her pick. I ended up getting most of what I asked for and was very happy. All in all it was a great birthday in the end.

Saturday was a nightmare at work. I got there early so I went in to help about 20 mins. before my shift was even suppose to start. I'm glad i did cause they were slammed, and it stayed slammed clear till 8'ish. Finally we were able to go on break, but the whole time we were on break it was so calm, no people at all. By the time we got back the crowds came in and the lines went from the podium clear to the game room. We still closed pretty fast, but it wasn't easy.

Unfortunatley this is just the icing, we've still got a whole cake to go through and I don't know if I can take it all in. With Transformers coming out next week it will most likely get worse before it gets better.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Run away or they'll eat you!!

I almost wish I was joking about that.... unfortunately when doing kid shows it feels like that. 3 of our main theatres, which seats about 250 to 300 each, were completely full. Most of those people decided that they need to get popcorn and stuff so we were slammed. We also had an elementary school come too (I think they were part of an A.R. group or something like that) and that took up most of our little popcorn boxes that we use just for kid shows.

After that we had to make movie meals, and i went and got stock cause the idiots who closed last night didn't get anything so we were majorly understocked. During that time we had a nice lull so it wasn't too bad. However things were about to get ugly again...

At 11:15 the movie ended and the hordes were released. Myself, JL, and HN were then charged with the task of cleaning the mess left behind. You wouldn't believe the stuff that was left behind, and the stuff people sneak in (OK that one may be more believable). It was kinda scary...

At least I was able to leave after that..... and now I have all summer of kid shows to look forward to. *sigh*

For those of you who are interested, Tuesdays seem to be the better day to go to the kid shows. Then again, i didn't work Tuesday so I'm not sure.

Also for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, Night of the Museum isn't half bad. My only complaint is that they seemed to try and do too much in under 2 hours.

Monday, June 8, 2009


you know how i said that i doubted that i might get to be an usher or box office person... well today i was trained in box!! It's a nice area to be in, especially when it's dead. not that today was dead, oh no, it was somewhat busy. add in the fact that on of our servers crashed, it took forever to process credit cards and we couldn't use gift cards at all.

oh well, it might be a while before i'm actually scheduled to be in there, but it was still nice.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Beginning....

of the summer of horrors.

I am truly scared, cause not only do i have to deal with customers earlier in the morning, I have to do kiddy shows too. Parents will most likely leave their kids to fend for themselves, so there will be messes and crying.

Maybe i'll get lucky though and they might just bump me up to either usher or box, both if i am extremely lucky. However, since i am one of the few people who do well in concessions, i doubt it.

Today was scary cause it was solid crowds from about 12 to 4ish, and we were all running around the stand with our heads cut off (metaphorically speaking, otherwise that would be really gross) and were also constanly running out of something.

*sigh* oh well, at least I get a payraise in july.

Oh for all those who live in Layton Utah or around the area and haven't seen either Star Trek or Wolverine and still want to, you may want to head to the theatre soon cause we may not be keeping them much longer.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

my life sumed up in a few sentences...

I'm sitting at Mickey D's with my family and my youngest sister (Madds) is talking to me about the fact that my birthday is in a few weeks. I'm turning 19 so she is teasing me about it:

Madds: You're getting old.

Me: *sigh* I know...

Madds:....... you need to find a boyfriend.


I ended up smacking her with my book. I realize that I have no luck with relationships, cause all the guys i know are either taken or idiots. Right now I really don't need to worry about boys anyway, even with me turning 19.

Just a sad fact that sums up my life.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I think I'm having a weird day.... cause i decided to start a blog. I warn you though, I have a lot of opinions and I can't guarantee if you will like them or not.

Mostly I will be writing about work and movies. Since I work at a movie theatre it is easy to talk about both at the same time. Also I will talk about home and other things as I think of them.

Updates may vary, due to work and family, but I'll try to find some sort of balance in my life. Or it could just end up become one big rollercoaster ride.

Let's see how it ends up shall we?