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Experience is the sinking feeling that you've made this mistake before.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Work = Baths?

I shouldn't really be complaining, both my parents combined work about 4x more than I do. But with my school schedule I can't work either day or night 2 days of the week so I'm down to 3 shifts. My friday and saturday is basically set in stone and lately i've been working monday, but that one could change.

the shortened shifts make it harder, but i'm muddling along.

It does give me more time in the day to do... basically whatever. I've been catching up with some stuff that i've hadn't done yet. For instance today my big adventure was....

Giving Kimi a bath.

This dog is more like a cat than a dog. She really doesn't like water at all, so i tried to make it easier on her. I made sure to have everything ready before I coaxed her into the bathroom and waited till she was comfortable before i closed the door. i tied her to the bathtub so she couldn't jump out and proceeded to clean her.
The worst area is usually her chest because her tags bleed on her fur turning it black, but she also just needed one in general. I felt so bad though because she started whining and her body was shaking (the water was not cold), she even tried to jump out on a few occasions. Soon enough though i was done washing her so I pulled her out and dried her off.

She basically ran away from me after that.

Oh well, it'll probably be another 6 months till she gets another one. She likes to keep herself clean, but sometimes she just needs a little helping hand.... or thumbs.

thumbs are good.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Holidays....




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Thank you and have a nice day.




I'd forgotten what the holidays were like last year.... then again we didn't have as many good movies out as we do now so that probably made the difference.

Here are some things I've now learned and will hopefully remember for next year:

The in-between shifts are good, but sometimes the opening shifts are better.
Never buy tickets off the Internet, cause if something happens we can't refund it.
Avoid customers who have bought Internet tickets and want a refund.
No matter how nice you are there are people who have to be jerks to you.
Work more box office, less concessions. Unless all your friends are in the stand.
If you have to take a concession shift, take a front one. YOU WILL NOT BE BORED TO DEATH.
You can't make everyone happy, but you can at least look happy while they yell at you.
Deflection is a good thing, especially when it's against sharp words.
One minute your movie might be there, the next it might be sold out.
No matter how sad the little girl looks cause she can't go to her movie... THERE ARE NO SEATS LEFT!
Gift cards are sometimes a really sad gift, especially when you get over $400 worth.
If you can't be nice about not being allowed into a rated R movie, you don't deserve to see one.
Always wear cool anime pins. You never know when you might meet a fellow fan.
Be prepared for long hours, full parking lot, and lots of snow.
Grow tough skin. You will be called many bad names and hear lots of cursing, so either learn to shake it off or find a different job.

And finally: It's totally worth it for the big paycheck you'll get at the end of it all.

I don't know what my paycheck is yet, but it will hopefully be big. ^.^

The pay-raise that will show up in a few weeks is also totally worth the whole year I've been working there as well.

Now if I can just find out what books I need for my classes this week, all will be fine....