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Experience is the sinking feeling that you've made this mistake before.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The first days....

The first days I'm not sure yet...

My English teacher reminds me somewhat of my English teacher i had my senior year. (whom i also was a TA for and was in her creative writing classes) She seems to like to focus more on the creative aspect of English more so than the technical. Her first assignment is a narrative that we have to write, either based on our own life or something we make up. I love the assignment, but i don't like the length.... it can only be 3 pages at most!! I need way more than to feel good about what i write.

My Sociology teacher (the correct name for the class is "People and Places of the Earth" but for sanity sake I'm gonna call it sociology) is a very interesting man. He's done a lot and has been to a lot of places in the world. he's been a teacher for 30 something years and has worked with National Geographic coming up with lesson plans for teachers, the Olympics committee when we wanted them in Utah, and a teacher exchange program (i think) in japan. He's got some unique ideas and likes to involve everyone and make us laugh.

Both classes are going to have their ups and downs, that much is certain. However, I'm so far willing to see where these teachers take me.....

P.S. Our narrative stories aren't technically due until a few weeks from now, but if anyone is interested in reading it when I'm done let me know and I'll find a way to get it to you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i've got a lot of catching up to do.....

The past couple of weeks have been very enlightening and i've learned quite a few things...(hang on this is gonna be a lengthy one)

1. The amusement park can be fun even if you don't get to ride all the big rides.

We didn't get there till after 11 and even then we had to wait for people to show up cause we had their tickets. My dad gave our extra tickets to my Aunt Steph and her son. They also brought two of my cousins with them cause their brother works for the park. After lunch I tried to hang out with them to ride some of the bigger rides, but i felt too much like a fifth wheel so i ended up leaving them and catching up with my dad. When i finally found him my Aunt Meemer and her family had shown up so i hung around with them.
I had more fun with it being like that cause i could hang around without feeling pressured to ride some of the rides i don't like. My Aunt did take me on the Colossus and afterward we both felt like we blacked out which made me sad cause i use to ride it two or three times in a row. Afterwards I watched the stroller while Big D and D took all the other kids on the rides they wanted and Meemer took Fussy on Pete's Dragon (that was hillarious).
Staying and watching Fussy ride everything was priceless. You couldn't tell if he liked it or not until you tried to get him off of it and he would want to ride it again. As it got later i rode the white coaster with both my dad and meemer, the samurai with big d (really fun in the dark), jetstar with harry, and the spider with d and big d and harry. I think my favorite moment though was when Fussy wanted me so that i could take him to the spaceship ride again. (Mental note: Never ride the tidal wave more than once... not a good idea....)

2. How much of a mountain girl I really am.

I could go on for lengths about how awesome Big D and Meemer are. They had asked us to come up to spend some time with them at their condo in the beautiful mountains. I really miss the mountains... I mean i can still see them, but it isn't the same as being right there in front of them. I'm not much of an outdoorsy person, but i still love them.
It was fun playing games till late at night and getting scolded by harry cause we had stayed up till "24 minutes after monday morning" and that we should get to bed. the swimming pool was fun, but the hot tub is a lot better especially for me. The food was good and there were plenty of sugary treats (that actually was probably a bad thing ^^;), lots of movies to watch even though many of them were kinda silly ("It wasn't me!!"), and plenty of family moments to go around.
I will admit i did have somewhat of a meltdown, but only because i felt like i was being slightly picked on. That was easily fixed with a round of hoops and a disaterious game of Horse with my dad. We ended up staying till Wednsday, so we kinda had to rush me home so i could get to work on time.

3. Closing Box has its moments.

Closing is so easy. You just make sure that things are picked up and that the trash is taken out. It's the rush before that is hard, especially when you are by yourself and the concession stand is also getting swamped so the manager has to be there too. Funny though how a lot of the customers seemed to be more sympathetic towards me and the fact i was by myself.
Waiting for the concessionist is hard. I've gotten most of the list done and they are still very slow. I didn't get out of there till midnight and i had finished mostly everything by myself. I'm still not sure which i like better though...

4. Getting short-shifted sucks.

It's not just the fact that i'm not getting as many shifts, it's the fact that when i do get shifts I get called and told not to come in cause they don't need me. I'm basically down to 2 shifts a week and i need more than that if i'm gonna buy books and clothes for school. It doesn't really affect my tuition unless my paycheck goes under $100 dollars, then i'm in trouble. So far it hasn't been that bad, and hopefully it get's better cause i really don't want to look for another job....

Well that's about it for now my computer is about to die. I'll talk more about school once i start my other class so until then, adeiu! ^.^

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Standby in 3... 2... 1...

I am sitting here writing this at 12:30 at night after spending a day at our local amusement park.... and now i'm too tired to fully comprehend what i'm writing so i think it would be safer if i wait and update you when i can actually read stuff without feeling like my head and stomach are missing...