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Experience is the sinking feeling that you've made this mistake before.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Epicness

Epicness is now a word because it is the only way I can describe Avatar. It is seriously 10x better than all of the Lord of the Rings Extend Editions put together. I'm still reeling from the whole experience, so I don't think I can do it true justice but I'll try my best:

While the story is a very well used one, James Cameron twists it in such a way that it is truly spectacular. The depth he created sucked me in from the beginning and I didn't want to leave and was sad when it ended.

The characters, both real and CG, were brilliant. When the second lord of the rings came out, I was ecstatic with how they were able to bring a CG character to life in such a real way that you felt he was another actor (Gollum). Avatar was a whole 'nother level. Every movement of their face and body, the way they moved, and the way they interacted with other characters was incredible. While my mind knew it was all CG, my heart truly fell in love with the realism that was within.

I truly can't do the movie justice with my little words, you have to see it for yourself. In order to truly understand the "epicness" of what James Cameron has created, you have to see it and while the 3D is more expensive it is truly worth every penny.

Just be warned it is 3 hours long, so if you do get popcorn and drinks eat/drink them sparingly. You do not want to miss a minute of it. Also younger children may be frightened at some scenes and there is some language, so it is up to you.

My final rating is 10 out of 5 stars.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'd kiss a frog....

but only if he had a great European accent. ^.^

I took the siblings to Princess and the Frog this morning. Mads had been bugging me for the past week to take her and I finally found a chance. I also felt that I owed it to both her and Boo cause I didn't take them to Astro Boy.

It was a very refreshing experience. Lately movies have been all about the latest CG so it was nice to see and old school animated movie. It was a very sweet story, but with a predictable Disney ending. There was a lot of singing and quiet a few funny moments. The only scary parts were with the Shadowman and the evil spirits he used to do his bidding. (It's comparable to the scene in Lion King when Scar is relaying his plan to the hyenas.)

Now I've just got to see Avatar and I'll be good till next week after Sherlock Holmes comes out.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let me rephrase that....

in my last post i said i was worried i about the money. My loving parents took that as meaning "i'm not going to get what i want for christmas because i think we are poor."

that's not at all what i meant. I was worried in general for the whole family not just me, and it was more about the full money situation, not just christmas.

i'm sorry for any confusion this may have caused...

(p.s. grandma, i though about my gift but i could only think of one thing. I wouldn't mind getting a "how to speak japanese" book, doesn't matter what kind.)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

That time of year....

when you watch the thermometer steadily reach zero...

when you go for a drive just to see the lights...

And when people ask you every day: "What do you want for Christmas?"


Anyway, that's basically all it is right now. I've made a list, but with the recent car trouble (see the "my family" link) I don't know what my parents can really afford, (even though most everything on my list is under $50, except for a computer program i want) so i'm kinda stuck at a dead end...

I still have to buy for my family. I've managed to get my siblings done, but now comes the parents who won't tell me what they want. Also i have to get a present for one of my Uncles and his family as per the family gift exchange, (since i am now on the adult list) and i don't know what to do there.

*bigger sigh*

one of the only good things about the holiday lately is that i can't spend any money myself, for fear of getting two of something...

And i get to spend time with my family ^.^

(P.S. Grandma I really don't know what I want, but I'll try and think of something here real quick)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just something I thought I would post as I wait for my lunch to finish...

Ever had one of those dreams where after you wake up you go "Where the heck did that come from?"
Today I woke up around 6 because my bladder said I had to. After that I went back to sleep and the weirdest dream started:

I was based in a house/canyon, the reason for that I do not know but I had a canyon on one side and a family room down below. Most of the dream took place on a set of stairs though, and my mom was in the dream for a few moments as was my dad. The strangest person in my dream was Tony Stark (Iron Man), but not Robert Downy Jr. the old cartoon one.

For some reason I was this super powered, fast healing, kick-butt fighter (not that I'm complaining) who had to stop two T.Rex's from getting to my family. I basically flung them to my right with my kick butt moves (this is where the canyon comes in) and they fell down a never ending revene mainly because i knew they could instantly heal themselves so that was the only option to keep my family safe.

Next came the mother of all dinosaurs and he could do everything i could, talking included. Not that he said much cause i kept hitting him, but Iron Man was suppose to help me and then he disappears. So here I am fighting a huge T.Rex without any help for 5 hours straight (i was told five hours cause my mom said I had to find lunch on my own). Finally both me and the Dino agreed to take a 1 hour break before we continued our fight to the death, so he fell asleep and i woke up Tony who then promptly left to go find his gloves. So now I am done fighting (for now) and what do I do?

I wake up.

It was now almost 11. I didn't hear my phone go off (I later found it on my bed in the spot where i had been sleeping after i knew i put it on my nightstand) and I woke up completely without the whole dragging feeling you get when you first wake up.

The strangest thing is that I could have sworn I had this dream yesterday...

I promise I'm alive!!

I swear I wasn't accidentally choked or anything like that, I've just been really busy...

The craziness started with New Moon and has basically ended with it as well. The Thursday before it came out I was scheduled to work the midnight, so right after school I rushed to work so that I wasn't late (they already had to push my clock-in time an hour later anyway because of school). We did well over 2000 people for that night alone, but it was somewhat controlled so it wasn't that bad. Friday was a little slow until school got out so I wasn't too busy, and Saturday I was in the back concession so it didn't matter anyway (though we did get out of the back an hour late).

I would have to say that the biggest surprise was how well The Blind Side did. We kept selling out for that one, but I've heard it's really good so not too surprising. I can't wait to see that one ^.^

After the start of the craziness I got a chance to see New Moon, so I went with my mom and sister. Now I haven't read the book at all (I've only read the first one), but I knew the basics from listening to my sister and my mom. I thought that the movie wasn't that bad, some things were much better than the first one. The makeup was definitely better, as were the special effects. The Wolf pack were very good looking (both the actors and the CG wolves), Jacob especially.
My only real complaint is how slow the beginning is, mainly because of Bella's little depression stage. After that though it gets good all because of Jacob.

Thanksgiving was great. I was able to eat and spend time with family before I went to work. I signed up for box, which was okay. I ended up with JH being in the same box which made me feel a little awkward, mainly because I think he likes me and I only see him as a friend from work. Lucky for me he left early so I didn't actually have to close with him.

Black Friday was the worst. After all the sales were done we were swamped so bad you couldn't find room to breathe. Surprisingly though Saturday wasn't that bad. We didn't have a 7 o'clock rush (it was more of an 8:30 rush) but I didn't get to go on break till 9 and I was the last one. We also had a bit of a rush later while we were trying to pre-close. Re did lose her patience with us once because we kept running out of stuff and she had to make multiple trips to the stock room. I finally had to take her keys from her and make the last trip myself up the stairs (which I am suppose to be avoiding) just to get her to stop complaining.

I think my best shift was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. TV had a bunch of stuff he needed to do, so he pulled me out of the stand (I was looking really bored he said) and had me stay at podium tearing tickets. That was even more boring, but it got me out of the odd jobs Jo was handing out at the time. When JH got there at 1 I was able to leave after I stocked my station in the stand (I sold a grand total of 8 things).

My worst was Monday after the holidays. I was the only concessionist, which is how it always is but at least we had an opening usher this time. My GM was leaving for vacation the next day and wanted things cleaned spotless so she didn't have to worry about it. Normally I don't mind cleaning because it gives me something to do, but I was trying to do multiple things at once and it made it so that cleaning was on the back burner. When 4 o'clock rolled around we got another concessionist, so I was hoping I could go home cause KW was coming in at 5 and she cleans a lot better than I do. When I finally found Re to ask her if I could stock she said to clean some more. It made me a little mad, because we didn't need 2 people in the stand when another was coming in less than an hour. I grumbled for a bit, but did go back to cleaning and when KW got there I thought I could go now. The problem was that Re had disappeared. It was finally Ni who said I could leave almost an hour after I was scheduled to get off.

Now that it's December I've got a lot of things to look forward to:

The last day of my last class for the semester is on Thursday and I have no Finals to worry about.
We got our passes back about a week after they were taken away, so now that I have time I can go watch movies again.
Avatar comes out in a few weeks and I am definitely going to go see it.
My dad wants to take us to see The Blind Side soon, so that'll be good.
Bee wants me to take her to The Princess and the Frog cause I didn't take her to Astroboy.
I've worked my schedule so I can have Christmas off, but I have to work Christmas Eve, New Years eve, and New Years day.
I am now on the adult Christmas list in my dad's family, but I have to give to an Uncle and I don't know what his family likes...
Hopefully my next couple paychecks will be big enough that I can pay my tuition payment and buy Christmas.
Boo got tickets to go to the Olympic oval and ice skate so that'll definitely be fun.

Now I just have to see how the Christmas holidays go... Wish me luck!!