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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Boy it's dusty in here...

Wow haven't been on here in a while...

*sweats* sorry about that...

anyway lets play a little catch-up before I get to why I'm posting something after so long:

  • Yes I do still work at the same theater, though the staff has changed A LOT. Another couple months there and I get a fancy watch.
  • still going to school, now that I've finally decided what I'm going to do I have a little more direction.
  • I am now majoring in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis, still no minor yet though.
  • Still have all my fingers and toes, though my mind may have wandered off one too many times...
  • Family is all good, we haven't killed each other (not for lack of trying).

So now that that's all taken care off, lets move on to why I'm posting after 2 years, 2 months, and 23 days.

Two words:

Pacific Rim

It's the title of one of the coolest movies I've seen in a LONG time. It also happens to be the center of many heated debates from both critics and fellow geeks. For those who don't know what it's about, let me give you a quick rundown:
Deep beneath the ocean a portal opens between our world and a world full of giant monsters who proceed to run rampant and destroy everything. They are called Kaiju, and because of them humanity pools together it's resources and creates giant machines, called Jeagers, to combat these monsters. There are two pilot connected through memories in the "Drift" for each Jeager, and they are our last hope for survival.

Now a lot of people are saying this movie is "dumb", but on varying levels. The dialog is too campy and the plot is obvious, or the only good thing is the effect and everything else was bad, or the science was way out there and doesn't make sense, or even that the whole movie was just a robot beating up a monster and not worth it.

I must not have seen the same movie as these people.

(attempted spoiler-free review following)

The bare bones of this movie is robots vs. monsters, I'll give you that.

But that is why I wanted to see it.

I took Boo and G-bear to the Thursday night premier, knowing it wouldn't be that busy and I had to work the next day. The nice thing about sitting on the front row, Boo and I could whispers things to each other a lot easier. Our basic comments ranged from "(insert character name) is so cool/a jerk" to "Oh my gosh what just happened?"
During one of the bigger fight scenes I was pretty much bouncing up and down in my seat, giddy as all get out. Granted, both Boo and I picked up on a few "huh?" moments, or little quirks that bugged either one or both of us, (G-bear was just kind of chilling, though he said he like it) but when those credits started rolling the whole movie, for me at least, boiled down to one simple thing:

It was fun.

So far this summer we've had quite a few blockbusters, such as Star Trek, Iron Man 3, and Man of Steel. Each one was really good in their own ways and I liked them all on different levels. I liked Star Trek for the bad guy and I haven't ever seen Wrath of Khan so the whole story was new to me. Iron Man 3 was interesting and had it's moments that I really enjoyed, but I wasn't really amped to see it again. Despite not being a big Superman fan, I liked the beginning of the movie and other random parts throughout, but had BIG issues with some of the choices they had made story wise.

Pacific Rim was just plain old fun, something I haven't had in a movie in a while. It's like the A-Team remake, not the most brilliant piece of film making, but I still love to watch it because it's fun.

With the characters you have a stereotype in your head, usually within the first five minutes, and for some of them they keep to the stereotype and you can predict what happens pretty easy. However, some of them do things that stereotypically they wouldn't do or you wouldn't expect to have happened to them. Mako is, in my opinion, the best example of this. She is the quiet girl who would love nothing more than to be a pilot, but isn't allowed. Not because she doesn't have the skills, because she can pretty much take down anybody, but because her reasons for piloting would bring too much into the "Drift" (the neural connection the pilots use to share memories in order to pilot together) for her partner. Still, she manages to eventually become a Jeager pilot and now has the chance to prove herself.

The science and/or reasoning behind the Jeagers may not make total sense, but is it really suppose to? Same thing with the Kaiju and the science behind them. Many others have complained that even the "real" science scattered throughout the movie is false, but keep in mind this is set in a future where a lot of things have changed and new discoveries could have been made and are now accepted as common knowledge. So why can't we just go with the flow and realize that del Toro created a version of our world where things could have (and probably did) change.

Ok now I'm really just ranting, and the clickty clack of the keyboard is probably keeping Boo awake, so long story short:

This movie is fun because it is exactly what it looks like, Giant Robots vs. Giant Monsters. If you see it with that mindset, the movie is epically fun.

Hopefully I keep this posting thing going *wink*