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Experience is the sinking feeling that you've made this mistake before.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My thunder was stolen over the weekend....

I blame it all on Percy Jackson.

The movie did really well over the weekend, it basically sold out every showing and the lines were clear out the door. Honestly it wasn't too bad in the stand, it just felt like everything was rushed and things kept breaking. Our main ice machine was shut off for the weekend and our slushi machine kept shutting down and not freezing. The guys from icee came friday, saturday, and monday and i don't think it has been fixed yet...

Added on to work stress was family stress too. My uncle from idaho was coming with his family saturday and the original plan was to have them sleep in the basement, but my mom didn't want them sleeping there because it would be too cold. So in the midst of her frantically cleaning the upstairs I snuck down to my room and started cleaning it. About 30 mins later Boo came down and asked which one of us would be willing to give up their room. I had already decided to give up mine so that was settled quickly.

Babysitting the kids Sunday wasn't too bad and since Boo had basically taken charge of the youngest all i had to do was watch the older two. They were staying the night again only without their parents this time. Our parents got back really late from the dinner with my aunts and uncles and then Monday my uncle packed up his kids and left while i was still at work.

Now hopefully things will calm down.....................

At least until March when we all fall down the rabbit hole again.