The popcorn pushers quote of whenever i update:

Experience is the sinking feeling that you've made this mistake before.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh how i wish...

Right about now I wish I had the power of time travel, mainly for three reasons:

1. so i don't have to work the harry potter midnight...

2. so i don't have to work the harry potter weekend...

3. so i don't have to work harry potter next week for Thanksgiving...



................ Yeah you can tell I really want to go to work tonight huh?

(oh and I'm glad you like the poster Meemer ^.^)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Belated Banzai...

yeah i know i should have done this last week, but when i tried just before we left for disney my computer decided it didn't want to work and i couldn't fix it until we got back.

Banzai was a lot of fun and i enjoyed every minute of it. I got to see friends that i hadn't seen for a long time and meet new ones as well. It was fun to dress up and Boo and I are already planning for next year with all our friends. We also had our cousins come down and meet up with us which was very nice.

I made a slideshow with all the pictures and videos i did (or at least most of it) and i am apologizing in advance for the quality. the pics weren't that great and i had to downsize it to fit on the blogger too. It's also kinda long too...

I hope you enjoy it.

(i should have disney up in a couple days... hopefully ^.^;)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Now this is cool recycling!

It's a RX-78-2 Gundam piloted by Amuro Ray from the Mobile Suit Gundam Anime Series and it's built from the plastic leftovers of smaller model trees and spare plastic runners.

It was created by a group of eco-concious japanese artist and is on display at the Chara Hobby Show in Tokyo. The model is over 3 feet tall and took over 250 hours of man power to complete.

As one who has built quite a few Gundam and Zoid models (including the smaller model of this one if I remember right) I found this especially cool.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The End of Another Summer...

The summer was so so. I feel like I got some things accomplished, but yet when I look back it doesn't seem like I did anything at all. Many plans went unused and many good intentions went unfulfilled.

The trip we took in June was great and much needed as was our yearly Lagoon day with family.

Work was slow so I got sent home early a lot, but nothing much has changed on that front.

School is going good so far. Parking up at Weber is horrendous so I'm gonna have to figure something out, but the class is worth it. The teacher is great and the class is interesting so far and I know one person in that class which is nice. My other class is a math one and it's basically online with very little actual lecturing. That may actually work out better for me cause I can work at my own pace.

Now I've got a reunion to look forward to this weekend and a bunch of stuff in October and hopefully I won't be too worn out from work and school....

*sigh* many days till summer again?

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Why do i do this to myself?

It's every year...around the same time...

i know my limits...what i can stand to do...

yet every time when i come home....

i still end up leaving my stomach and head somewhere back at Lagoon.........

more when i finally get them back.....

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Click the play button

Oh and Sorcerors Apprentice was pretty good, even with Nicholas Cage in it.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Why is everything so dark?

Before I get to big thing that happened today I would like to have a moment of silence for a beloved TV series that has been butchered by one M. Night Shyamalan. I am sure hundreds of angry fans have already voiced their displeasure towards his horrendous retelling of this beloved series and while I may not be as angry, I'm still saddened by this turn of events.

After waiting in line for about two hours and placing at least 7 temporary tattoos each on ourselves Boo and I went in to the theatre at 11:45 and at 12:01 the movie started. At 1:59 a.m. we looked at each other and wondered what the heck did we just watch. To me it felt like a very long trailer and most of the acting was very lacking in depth. The only saving grace was the special effects and the fact that it is very faced paced so you don't have to suffer for very long.

I would go see it again just to take family, but I'll be wincing and wishing that they had done a better job than what they did.

Okay now that that's over here is the more interesting thing that happened. I was opening the stand and usually on Fridays all who open the theater pick a place for food and I go and get it. After returning with food we all sat down in the managers break room and chatted while we ate. At about 12:15 the lights went out in that section of the building and there was much hustling to figure out what happened. I went back to the stand to find that we had lost our soda fountains, but we still had a few other things that still worked.
About 20 mins. later we lost everything else and hundreds of angry customers descended on our poor little stand. We must of handed out at least 400 rain checks (basically free tickets) but we couldn't do any concession refunds because we had lost our computers. After all the customers had gone J sent all the openers home, seeing no reason to keep us when there was nothing we could do.

As it turns out the nearby Mall had blown a transformer (I wished it was a bright yellow camero but alas it was just a regular old transformer.) which in turn had knocked out our power since we are on the same grid. I'm not sure if the other theatre close to us was affected, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was.

Now I have just tomorrow night to look forward to. With our last showing being at 11:55 p.m. I'm sure everyone is going to be a little cranky and very short on patience...

All because of Eclipse.....

*sigh* Wish me luck.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's with all the Estrogen in the air?

Oh wait, that vampire-whatever-it's-called movie came out last night.

I'd forgotten all about it.... what's it suppose to about again? A love story between a human and a vampire with a werewolf thrown in the mix.... oh and add in a BATTLE TO THE DEATH with a vengeful vampiress and newbie vamps versus more shirtless werewolves and vegan vampires.

wow that sounds very entertaining.... but i think I'll stick with my midnight Airbender tickets if you don't mind.

On that delightful note, nothing much has changed here. The rest of the South Dakota trip was fun and I got some great presents for my birthday. Family is good despite the threat of cabin fever. I think that G-Bear has a video game cord attached to him somewhere cause we can't tear him away from playing his games, even with the weather being so nice.

I've now registered for next semester and am still only doing two classes, but one of the classes is two days a week and is up at the main campus so I've branched out a little bit at least.

Work has been about the same, though after yesterday we have been hit hard and probably will be very busy for the next few months what with that whatchamacallit vampire movie (just kidding, i know what it's called), The Last Airbender, Despicable Me, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Inception, and Salt all coming out in the next couple of months it probably won't slow down. I've also decided that I really really do not like kid shows and am hoping that they don't make me work them anymore.

oh well, whatever happens happens and i need the hours anyway. I just wish I would get more box shifts than concessions.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Guess where we are....

*cue presidential theme*


we are currently in South Dakota after my parents decided spur of the moment to go somewhere for my birthday (which is the 19th) and since we've already been to Yellowstone and felt that we wouldn't be able to do much at the grand canyon, we decided on Mount Rushmore.

Thursday morning we drove off and ten hours later we arrive in Custer where we were staying and this morning we took a very fun and winding road with lots of hairpin turns and tunnels before we arrived at Rushmore.

It's pretty cool and bigger than it looks. The trail around it is nice with lots of different angles that you could see the monument from.

We drove to Rapid City after that and then drove back to Custer where we went swimming and then went to Crazy Horse and saw a laser light show that was actually on the monument itself which made it even cooler.

now i'm just sitting here typing away while the rest of my family tries to sleep....

guess i should stop typing now...



Thursday, May 6, 2010

Festival Fun

A couple saturdays ago Boo and I went to the Salt Lake City Nihon Matsuri Festival. A few of our friends came along and we had a lot of fun, but it was very hot and very crowded. We ended up walking a lot and standing a lot too, but it was still fun.

There were a lot of cosplayers, a few taiko groups, fighting demonstrations, and even a tea ceremony (though we missed that part). I only managed a few pictures mainly because my phone was giving me trouble but here they are: (at least i'm posting mine before Boo ^.^)

That's Boo with her friend that came along. I had two friends with me, but they left before the end of the festival. A girl Boo knew from school was in the Taiko group above and the dude with the black and red karate suit on was the head of the kempo group we watched. They told us he even fought Chuck Noris, but they didn't say whether he won or not.
The cosplayers on the outside were part of a local group while the ones parading down the middle were people who had been asked to join that were in the crowd.
Other than that not much has happened. School's ended for me and work is about the same. I've lost a few managers and gained some new ones. I've met a couple of the new workers and so far they are pretty good. They are really cracking down on us in box with the ID thing and R-rated movies, but i'm doing pretty good.
Now all i've got to do tonight is see a man about a suit in a suitcase.
Wish me luck!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Crawling out from underneath the dragon

I feel thoroughly pounded, but am on my way to a full recovery. (I hope)

The day after I last posted I went up to my Grandparents house for a few days in order to watch their house and the dog. I was very excited to have a few days to myself and It was quite the learning experience.

I came back home that Wednesday with an annoying but tolerable cough. Boo and Bee were already sick so I'm guessing that is where I got it from. Thursday I had lost my voice and was coughing even more so I didn't talk much while at school.

Friday was dead at work so J sent me home around noonish because I still couldn't talk and was feeling really drowsie. (found out later that I had taken nighttime cold medicine by mistake) Since I was home early and had taken the correct medicine I took Boo to "How to Train your Dragon" at the megaplex theatre in Ogden.(most of us had already seen it last Saturday) We had a blast watching it in 3d and it was kinda cool going to that theatre, though i wouldn't want to work there myself.
Saturday I was once again sent home early even though I was suppose to close, mainly because my voice was so far gone they couldn't hear me on the other side of the mic in box. That just left the week of spring break...

We were dead the whole week. I was feeling better by then but I still couldn't talk so I was the first to be sent home again on Monday and I was called Tuesday and told that I didn't need come in the next day for my shift.
Wednesday we went to the dragon movie again with the cousins and we all had a blast. I think though we had more fun sitting around and talking while the younger ones played than watching the movie. By then I had also gotten over being sick (mostly) which was even better.

Now that spring break is over things should slow down even more... at least until we train the eleven new people that is...

Friday, March 26, 2010

The training will have to wait....

I've got ten minutes till i have to leave for work. Normally I'd be freaking out right now about how busy it's going to be and if enough people were scheduled so that i wouldn't be swamped, but not today.

Mainly for 3 reasons:

1. we did not get "How to Train your Dragon"
2. the movie we did get is a date NIGHT movie (Hot Tub Time Machine)
3. we did not get "How to Train your Dragon"

I'm a little upset and my siblings are slightly disappointed. We had been talking about going and seeing the dragon movie since we first saw the trailer for it. Now we have had to tweak the plan and wait about a week or so.

I think we didn't get it because "Clash of the Titans" comes out next week and we only have 1 3-D theatre so they would rather we keep Alice and do Titans next. Of course I'm not 100% sure on that, maybe they wanted to do it to bring more business to the Ogden theatre, which is where we are gonna have to go now to see the dragon movie.

Whatever the case may be I'm hoping it won't be too busy this morning, and that no underage idiots try to sneak in to see the hot tub movie tomorrow night while i work box.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Adventures of Aquagirl...

and the story of the vacationing sibling.

Friday I got a text while I was at work. Wondering who in the world would text me I went and checked when I had a break. It was my Dad saying "don't be mad." Not understanding what he could mean I asked him what it was about. I went back to work, but my mind was on what he could have done. I thought that he was taking the family to a movie while I was working or maybe he was taking them somewhere else fun. The next break I went and checked his reply and my mind went blank...

"I flooded your bedroom."

I went to my manager and asked her if I could call him to check if he was joking or not... he wasn't. My manager was already gonna send me home so I stocked as fast as I could, the whole time my mind was racing trying to figure out what was on my floor that could have gotten ruined.

Most of what got wet was my bed, clothes on my floor, and a couple of my books got slightly damp. My dad saved what he could when he first realized what was happening and most of the water stayed on one side of the room so all my electronic stuff didn't get wet.

I took this picture today so my room has almost dried out. The spot on the floor is the water stain on the concrete and we had to move my bed over in order to take out the rug that was completely soaked. I had to wipe out my light in order to stop it from dripping on my bed.

Now I'm sleeping with a bunch of blankets and a sleeping bag because I have to keep my window open to keep out the smell. I also don't want to put sheets on my bed just yet because my dad has to pull down sheetrock in order to dry out the ceiling and i don't want white stuff all over.

(Sorry the pic is bad, i took it with my phone and the light in my room is bad to begin with.)

My dad had the best intentions. He was resealing my moms tub and he heard that if you fill the tub first then it makes a clean seal line with no cracks later on. With the tub being a big soaker tub it takes a bit to fill and he got sidetracked and forgot to check so it overflowed.

*sigh* oh well, at least i'm adaptable.


okay on to something less depressing.

If you've kept up with my family's blog and my cohort's you will know that Boo is heading to California. She left for her grand adventure a few hours ago and the house already seems quieter. I kinda wish I could have gone with her, but I'm not old enough to count as a chaperone and I didn't have the money to go.

It takes me back to my own orchestra trips, the one where I went to Disneyland when I was at Weber High and the one to New York when I went to Clearfield. Both were fun in their own ways and my mom got to come with me to Disneyland, but they also had their share of conflicts. I just hope that Boo's trip is a lot better and doesn't have any problems.

Now if I could just train the hordes of people I'm expecting this weekend to come when I'm not working, all will be good.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hit a little close to home...emotionally

Last night we watched a very good movie called "Hachi: A dog's tale" which stars Richard Gere. It's based on the true story of a dog named Hachiko in Japan who waited for his deceased master for over ten years at a train station. His story touched so many that a bronze statue was made and placed in his waiting spot.

I knew I was going to cry. I am a baby when it comes to movies or books that are very sad. By the end Boo, Bee, G-bear, and myself were all bawling. G-bear left and hid in his room while the rest of us were bawling/laughing on the couch.

I think it was hard to watch mainly because of Izzy. It made us all think about her again and again, which is still hard sometimes.

Aside from that it was a very heartfelt story that if you ever get the chance to watch... you should.

March Madness

and no I'm not talking about basketball....

I'm talking about him:

and her:
with a little bit of him thrown in too:

Now that's all fine and dandy.... until you have to deal with the hordes of people who wish to see it in 3-D. Friday wasn't that bad so I wasn't as worn out as usual, but Saturday was crazy. The 7 o'clock showing of the 3-D version was sold out around 5 (i know this cause i was working box). Monday was almost just as bad, the usher showed up 2 hours late and there were rumors the auditor was going to show up as well.
Hopefully this weekend calms down a little. (fingers crossed) But at least I went and saw Alice on Saturday with Boo and her friend. I thought it was great. It's very much a Tim Burton film with all sorts of crazy, dark fun. The characters are brilliantly done and while the story is very weak it is certainly better than the original cartoon one.
It's rated PG for scary images and situations and for a smoking catapillar. (I am not making this up.)

So far March hasn't been that bad. I've already finished my midterms and next week is spring break. I'm more or less waiting for April and for school to be over with. Also I can't wait to see "How to Train your Dragon" and "The Last Airbender" which should both be coming out soon.
Not much else is happing... so I'm just coasting until things get busy again.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My thunder was stolen over the weekend....

I blame it all on Percy Jackson.

The movie did really well over the weekend, it basically sold out every showing and the lines were clear out the door. Honestly it wasn't too bad in the stand, it just felt like everything was rushed and things kept breaking. Our main ice machine was shut off for the weekend and our slushi machine kept shutting down and not freezing. The guys from icee came friday, saturday, and monday and i don't think it has been fixed yet...

Added on to work stress was family stress too. My uncle from idaho was coming with his family saturday and the original plan was to have them sleep in the basement, but my mom didn't want them sleeping there because it would be too cold. So in the midst of her frantically cleaning the upstairs I snuck down to my room and started cleaning it. About 30 mins later Boo came down and asked which one of us would be willing to give up their room. I had already decided to give up mine so that was settled quickly.

Babysitting the kids Sunday wasn't too bad and since Boo had basically taken charge of the youngest all i had to do was watch the older two. They were staying the night again only without their parents this time. Our parents got back really late from the dinner with my aunts and uncles and then Monday my uncle packed up his kids and left while i was still at work.

Now hopefully things will calm down.....................

At least until March when we all fall down the rabbit hole again.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Work = Baths?

I shouldn't really be complaining, both my parents combined work about 4x more than I do. But with my school schedule I can't work either day or night 2 days of the week so I'm down to 3 shifts. My friday and saturday is basically set in stone and lately i've been working monday, but that one could change.

the shortened shifts make it harder, but i'm muddling along.

It does give me more time in the day to do... basically whatever. I've been catching up with some stuff that i've hadn't done yet. For instance today my big adventure was....

Giving Kimi a bath.

This dog is more like a cat than a dog. She really doesn't like water at all, so i tried to make it easier on her. I made sure to have everything ready before I coaxed her into the bathroom and waited till she was comfortable before i closed the door. i tied her to the bathtub so she couldn't jump out and proceeded to clean her.
The worst area is usually her chest because her tags bleed on her fur turning it black, but she also just needed one in general. I felt so bad though because she started whining and her body was shaking (the water was not cold), she even tried to jump out on a few occasions. Soon enough though i was done washing her so I pulled her out and dried her off.

She basically ran away from me after that.

Oh well, it'll probably be another 6 months till she gets another one. She likes to keep herself clean, but sometimes she just needs a little helping hand.... or thumbs.

thumbs are good.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Holidays....




*beep* Hello. You have reached Taniya's brain. She is currently unavailable due to her brain running away with a platypus. Please leave your name and number after the beep and she will get back to you as soon as she finds the platypus and ships it to Alaska.

Thank you and have a nice day.




I'd forgotten what the holidays were like last year.... then again we didn't have as many good movies out as we do now so that probably made the difference.

Here are some things I've now learned and will hopefully remember for next year:

The in-between shifts are good, but sometimes the opening shifts are better.
Never buy tickets off the Internet, cause if something happens we can't refund it.
Avoid customers who have bought Internet tickets and want a refund.
No matter how nice you are there are people who have to be jerks to you.
Work more box office, less concessions. Unless all your friends are in the stand.
If you have to take a concession shift, take a front one. YOU WILL NOT BE BORED TO DEATH.
You can't make everyone happy, but you can at least look happy while they yell at you.
Deflection is a good thing, especially when it's against sharp words.
One minute your movie might be there, the next it might be sold out.
No matter how sad the little girl looks cause she can't go to her movie... THERE ARE NO SEATS LEFT!
Gift cards are sometimes a really sad gift, especially when you get over $400 worth.
If you can't be nice about not being allowed into a rated R movie, you don't deserve to see one.
Always wear cool anime pins. You never know when you might meet a fellow fan.
Be prepared for long hours, full parking lot, and lots of snow.
Grow tough skin. You will be called many bad names and hear lots of cursing, so either learn to shake it off or find a different job.

And finally: It's totally worth it for the big paycheck you'll get at the end of it all.

I don't know what my paycheck is yet, but it will hopefully be big. ^.^

The pay-raise that will show up in a few weeks is also totally worth the whole year I've been working there as well.

Now if I can just find out what books I need for my classes this week, all will be fine....