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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The End of Another Summer...

The summer was so so. I feel like I got some things accomplished, but yet when I look back it doesn't seem like I did anything at all. Many plans went unused and many good intentions went unfulfilled.

The trip we took in June was great and much needed as was our yearly Lagoon day with family.

Work was slow so I got sent home early a lot, but nothing much has changed on that front.

School is going good so far. Parking up at Weber is horrendous so I'm gonna have to figure something out, but the class is worth it. The teacher is great and the class is interesting so far and I know one person in that class which is nice. My other class is a math one and it's basically online with very little actual lecturing. That may actually work out better for me cause I can work at my own pace.

Now I've got a reunion to look forward to this weekend and a bunch of stuff in October and hopefully I won't be too worn out from work and school....

*sigh* many days till summer again?

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