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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Belated Banzai...

yeah i know i should have done this last week, but when i tried just before we left for disney my computer decided it didn't want to work and i couldn't fix it until we got back.

Banzai was a lot of fun and i enjoyed every minute of it. I got to see friends that i hadn't seen for a long time and meet new ones as well. It was fun to dress up and Boo and I are already planning for next year with all our friends. We also had our cousins come down and meet up with us which was very nice.

I made a slideshow with all the pictures and videos i did (or at least most of it) and i am apologizing in advance for the quality. the pics weren't that great and i had to downsize it to fit on the blogger too. It's also kinda long too...

I hope you enjoy it.

(i should have disney up in a couple days... hopefully ^.^;)

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