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Friday, April 22, 2011

I know you mean well, but...

Okay this post is mostly directed to a certain aunt on my dad's side who has decided to post personal information about everyone on my dad's side of the family on facebook.

While i don't have a facebook page and don't know how secure it is, it still makes me angry. I go through a lot of effort to make sure i don't post real names and try to keep some things obscure. We have had really bad experiences with hackers and this just makes me even angrier cause it is so easy for them to hack into a "secure" site and there is our names and things for their world to see.

I know this will ruffle some feathers, i am willing to take what may come from this post. The internet is a great place to keep up with family and other events, but use some common sense please. IF YOU ARE GONNA POST PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT OUR FAMILY ASK US FIRST. It is a simple request that isn't that hard to accomplish with a phone call or email.

Please be a bit more cautious in the future.

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